Napata First Scientific Conference

Napata College
Napata Research and Innovation Center (NARIC)
Napata First Scientific Conference
Theme “Advances in Scientific Research”

Napata 1st Scientific Conference was held on 27-28 September 2022, in the Conference Hall of
the National Communications Commission, Khartoum, Sudan.
General Objectives
1- Reviewing of some important developments in scientific research.
2- Highlighting the role of scientific research and innovation in the face of health pandemics and
ills associated with demographic change due to the population creeping towards cities.
3- Linking scientific research to community services.
4- Encouraging young researchers to present their scientific research
 The conference discussed 25 scientific papers in different scientific fields
Plenary talks involved four main papers dealing with topics of national and Regional
concerns. These included:
 Safe Exercise for all: an Additional Approaches to Health Education. Presented by Prof.
Hassan Abu Aisha
 Climate Change and Water Resources Management Systems: Enhancing the Resilience
of Agricultural Communities to Floods in Sudan. Presented by Dr. Victor. Ibrahim AlToum and co-presenter Prof. Saifuddin Hamad
 Higher Education in Sudan: Reality, Future and Challenges. Presented by Prof. Bakri
Osman Saeed
 Social care systems in Sudan to promote family cohesion. Presented by Dr. Victor.
Muhammad Yacoub and Dr. Victor. Abdul Samad Ali.
The conference was attended by executives and academic leaders including : the President of the
Association of Sudanese Universities, the President of the Union of African Universities, the
representative of the Ministry of Health, the Federal Ministry of Health, the representative of the
Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Irrigation, the
Sudanese Atomic Energy Commission, the UNESCO Chair, the Council of Medical Specialties,
the Secretary-General of the Zakat Diwan, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Religious
Affairs and Endowments In addition to a number of directors of Sudanese universities and
research institutes. A large number of university professors and researchers represented 45
universities and research institutes from different cities of Sudan.
Among the most important recommendations of the conference:
1- Advocating the inclusion of SEFA in health and medical education programmes
2- Help build National research networks in the country in the areas of environmental studies
water resources management and reinforcing the resilience of agrarian communities.
3- Help build public and civil society networks to promote studies and research pertaining to
family cohesion research and studies.

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